Links to Partners

The FRSG works with a broad range of groups including other Red Squirrel Groups, non-governmental environmental organisations and statutory agencies. Following are links to some of these we have not linked to elsewhere.

Field Studies Council Northern Ireland, Derrygonnelly Centre
Derrygonnelly Centre is part of Field Studies Council, an environmental education charity committed to helping people of all ages to discover, explore, understand and be inspired by the natural world.  Opened in 2001, the centre has become widely known for its high quality learning experiences and strives to promote environmental understanding in the wider community.

Fermanagh District Council
The Local Authority is responsible for a range of services and facilities etc in the county including delivery on it’s Biodiversity Duty.

National Trust, Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Environment Link (NIEL)
NIEL is the national forum and networking body for organisations interested in the environment.



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