Where To See Red Squirrels

Map of squirrel distribution in Fermanagh

Map of squirrel distribution in Fermanagh

The map on the right (click on it to enlarge) shows the Red Squirrel Preferred Areas (RSPA) in Fermanagh – largely conifer forests which essentially function as a refuge for the species. Red Squirrels do however occur outside these areas but from a conservation point-of-view, are less defensible against the grey squirrel.

If you are visiting Fermanagh or live here and would like to visit somewhere where there is a possibility of seeing a red squirrel, following are some tips on improving your chances of this happening along with some suggestions on places to visit that are open to the public and that have red squirrel populations:

Look up – red squirrels are arboreal or tree species and spend most of their time up in the tree canopy so do look-up!

Listen out – squirrels can be heard chattering amongst themselves so keep your ears open. Leave home early – you’re more likely to see squirrels first thing in the morning after sunrise although of course this can be an unsociable time to be out-and-about, particularly in the height of summer!

Late autumn and early spring – you have a better chance of seeing red squirrels from late autumn to early spring when many tress are bare. The reduced day-light hours at this time of the year also give you a better chance of seeing them.

The map on the Home Page showing the RSPA will guide you to sites where you may be lucky to spot red squirrels. The following sites also have Visitor Centres which you may enjoy.

  • Marble Arch Caves (MAC) Global Geopark sites including Claddagh Glen Nature Reserve near MAC and Lough Navar Forest, near Derrygonnelly
  • National Trust’s Florence Court Estate, Florence Court and Crom Estate, Newtownbutler
  • Northern Ireland Environment Agency’s Castle Archdale Country Park, Lisnarick
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