Natural Heritage Takes a Hit in Easter Upland Fires

County Fermanagh is famed for its lakeland landscape with its wetland habitats, associated wildlife and all the amenity opportunities that they provide to both locals and tourists alike.

Fermanagh also has some spectacular and unique upland habitats including blanket bog, heathland and forest, arguably as unique and valuable in terms of biodiversity and recreational opportunities as their lowland counterparts.

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Great Local Interest in Red Squirrel Populations

Over 40 people attended a recent meeting, organised through the Local Biodiversity Action Planning process, on the subject of red squirrel conservation.

Representatives from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, Forest Service and the National Trust explained the work they undertake for the species and options for protecting our local populations. Some important messages were communicated such as the threat from grey squirrels and the importance of local action to supplement the work of the agencies.

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Red Squirrels Need You!

Red squirrels are one of our most charismatic mammals and are originally a resident of our native broadleaved woodlands but more recently have established conifer forests as their strongholds.

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